Click here for your very own Lunar / Lady calendar for 2014!
Perfect for tacking up in the bathroom next to the toilet!

You can use the calendar to track your cycle. Circle the day you get your period, and if you get your period every 28 days, the day you should expect it again will fall right below the day you last got it. Not everybody is regular, or every 28 days, and not everybody ovulates on day 14. If your cycles are regular but not every 28 days, a diagonal line pattern will develop.

You can also use it to track moods, headaches, doing it, cervical mucus (mucus!), the moon, or your monthly ping-pong tournament. You can also just use it to see what day it is. You know, like a calendar.

Now, for reference, below is a good image of the hormones and what’s going on in a regular 28-day cycle. (If you want to read more, I recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility).

Happy Tracking!


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