About me:
I’ve been vegan for over a decade. I have a vegan partner and two vegan daughters. I love cooking and baking. I have vegan thanksgiving down to a science. I belong to a vegan dinner co-op of good friends in my neighborhood (http://dinnershare.wordpress.com). I favor recipes that don’t have any “weird vegan” ingredients (i.e., I prefer recipes without egg replacer, vegan cheese substitutes, etc.) most of the time.

About the blog:
I started this blog solely for me to keep track of the recipes that I’ve used or created. I also find it helpful to keep track of what changes I’d like to make in the future, what did work, what didn’t work, and as a record of things that I just throw together, in case they’re good and I want to replicate them. I’ve tried to start tagging things as “in progress” when a recipe is something that I am planning on trying and in the middle of working on. I try and line out things that I want to change for the next time and replace it with what I plan on changing it to. Just FYI.


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