2x Coffee Concentrate

13 Feb

Takes planning but the concentrate saves time in the morning for a quick cup.

1 cup beans + 3 cups water makes 3 cups concentrate- enough for 4 12-oz mugs of coffee

1 part coffee beans of choice, ground
3 parts cold water
a way to steep and strain the concentrate*

Stir the coffee and water in an iced coffee system or large jar until all the grounds are wet. Let soak 12-15 hours, at room temperature. Drain into a large jar using your chosen apparatus* (this takes a while, you’ll have enough for a mug shortly but it will keep draining for a couple hours usually).

To serve, dilute to half strength using water and/or milk. Heat or ice as desired. Supposedly lasts 2 weeks in the fridge, but it’s never made it that far.

*if you don’t have a cold brew system, place a large funnel (4c capacity) over a quart size or larger jar or bowl. Put a strainer inside the funnel, and a paper filter or thin dish towel/fabric inside the strainer. If your strainer/funnel isn’t large enough, only make 1/2 the recipe (then you only need a two cup capacity).


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