Bratwurst for Dinnershare

21 Oct

Makes 18 sausages using 1/2 cup of the original dough
Based on Cassie J’s recipe & influences:

These came out too chewy. I should’ve just stuck with Cassie J’s recipe. I think it was the mushroom-tofu combo that made them chewy. Or, I could’ve stuck with fail-safe Spicy Italian sausages, even though those aren’t exactly German.

1 16 oz package Banyan Soft Tofu, drained (in the produce section of HEB)
1 1-oz pkg dried ‘Shirakiku’ Shitake mushrooms (‘ethnic’ section of HEB)
4 tsp Better than Bullion No-Chicken Base (Wheatsville, Whole Foods or CM)
1 qt plain soy milk
5 cups vital wheat gluten
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
1/4 cup Old Bay seasoning (this was in the fresh seafood section, gross!)
2 Tbsp Goya Adobo (red top) seasoning
Tinfoil sheets for sausaging
Large pot with a steamer rack and lid

In the food processor, puree the tofu, mushrooms, BtB and some of the soymilk until well processed. You don’t want to add all of the soymilk because it will get messy, just enough to get things moving. Empty the mixture into a bowl and whisk in the rest of the soymilk.

In another large bowl, mix the wheat gluten, yeast and spices. Add the liquid ingredients. Get the pot of steam water going. Using a half cup scoop, put a scoop of mixture on a tinfoil sheet. Roll it up like a tootsie roll. Continue until they are all done, at to the steamer pot and steam for about 1 hour.


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