how to cook a vegan Thanksgiving…

21 Nov

…a planner. this will have the thanksgiving meal ready at 2pm, adjust accordingly if you would like it at a different time.

The week of Thanksgiving:
1. Clean out the refrigerator and make sure you have plenty of room all in there.
2. Go shopping and gather all of the ingredients and supplies for the menu.
3. Pre-make ice.

The night before:
Clean the kitchen!
Clean the house (delegate!)!
Clean out the refrigerator!
Check the ice
Put the beverages in the refrigerator
Make pumpkin pies, and put in the refrigerator to chill.
Wash, slice and prep the sweet potato dish (bake tomorrow).
Wash and dice potatoes.
Prep apple pastries and refrigerate (bake tomorrow).
Wash, slice and roast green beans.
Cover and refrigerate the green beans.
Make the soy nog.

The day of:
0830 Broil grapefruits and make and assemble grapefruit tray.
0845 Prepare any other cold appetizers.
0900 Candy the pecans for the apple salad.
0930 While green beans are roasting, make biscuit dough.
0945 Bake biscuits, cover with tinfoil (don’t refrigerate).
1000 Prepare kale salad & refrigerate.
1025 Whip the Rich Whip and refrigerate.
1030 Make and begin steaming UnTurkey roast.
1045 While steaming, prepare basting sauce.
1145 Begin roasting the UnTurkey roast.
Bake sweet potatoes at the same time.
1150 Start steaming potatoes.
Prepare garlic, sage and margarine for potatoes.
Chop vegetables for stuffing.
1200 Put out grapefruits and appetizers.
Drain potatoes.
Whip potatoes.
1230 Start stuffing.
Remove tinfoil from sweet potatoes to finish baking.
1245 Take UnTurkey and sweet potatoes out of the oven.
Cover sweet potatoes with tinfoil.
1300 Make gravy.
Put the gravy in the crock pot on low.
1310 Put in stuffing to bake.
Carve the UnTurkey.
1320 Put green beans in to heat up with stuffing.
1330 Take out stuffing, cover with foil.
Reduce heat on oven to warm.
1335 Put in potatoes, UnTurkey, sweet potatoes and biscuits to warm.
1340 Prepare and set out the apple salad.
Set out the other salads and cranberry sauce.
Set out plates, napkins, silverware, etc.
1400 Put out the food!
Set the oven to 375.
1415 Put in the apple pastries to bake.
…and then take them out!

Serve dessert when you’re ready!


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