Thanksgiving Equipment and Serving List

21 Nov

Improvise as necessary!

Cooking Utensils and Supplies
Mixing bowl
Mixing Spoon
Slicing and chopping knives, cutting boards
Cheese cloth
Large pot with steam tray
cookie sheet
Pastry brush
Baster or spoon
Aluminum foil
2- 8 or 9″ round baking pans
Hand or stand mixer
Food processor
Coffee maker

Serving Utensils & Dishes
Serving utensils for each dish
Pie spatula
Ladle for gravy
serving tray for grapefruit
baking pan for unturkey
pan for stuffing
pan for green beans
pan for mashed potatoes
pan for sweet potatoes
serving bowl for kale salad
serving bowl for apple salad
serving tray or basket for biscuits
crock pot for gravy
serving plate for cranberry sauce
serving bowl for Rich Whip
serving carafe for soy nog

Guest Dishes
Cups, mugs, wine glasses
Tinfoil, plastic wrap for leftovers

Other things
Plenty of ice!!


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