egg-free, soy-free vegenaise

7 Jun

I essentially used this recipe, noting that I only used 1/2 cup water total (it was listed twice), canola oil (I wanted to use olive oil, but we were out), and bottled lemon juice.  I also added two garlic cloves.

So far – seems kind of runny, yields 1 cup, flavor is good and oil is emulsified.  I put it in the fridge to see if it firms up.  Planning on using it with steamed artichokes.



stayed pretty runny, although it did thicken a bit (dressing consistency, not spreadable mayo consistency).  Will try again in the future, using 2x the flax seed meal, reducing the lemon juice by 1/2, and doubling the salt.  Maybe sub some ac vinegar for some of the lemon juice.  May or may not omit the paprika – flavor was good, but might like my mayo with a more normal mayo color.

I think this recipe has a lot of potential; it has definitely worked the best out of the other mayo recipes I’ve tried in terms of emulsification.  Flax seeds were completely integrated, and the result was not-at-all grainy.


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