cold brewed coffee

25 May

Per each quart jar, I mixed 4 coffee scoops (8 Tbsp) of ground H-E-B coffee with 3 cups water.  Directions came from this site.


Wow.  This was good.  Dangerously good, and feels more caffeinated – like I could accidentally drink a quart of coffee.  I steeped the first batch for only 3 hours, because I wanted some iced coffee and didn’t want to wait.  Despite the fact that I used relatively cheap, pre-ground, store-brand, canned coffee, it was really tasty.

What I might try in the future – steeping the coffee in a coffee filter ‘tea bag’, since straining it was annoying, or steeping with some cooled simple syrup for pre-sweetened coffee.  I may also try using some chicory coffee for more authentic stuff.


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